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Extreme Kettlebell

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Extreme Kettlebell

With an Honours diploma in Biosciences Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Keith opened his own Physiotherapy practice in Alberta, Canada in 2001. In 2002, Keith became one of the first Russian Kettlebell certified trainers in Canada, and has since trained hundreds of people in the use of kettlebell training, releasing his first Extreme Kettlebell Cardio DVD in 2005.

Physical therapist and certified kettlebell instructor, Keith Weber puts you through 7 savage whole body mini-workouts with a single kettlebell, that when combined will be challenging for even the most seasoned vet.

When thinking about kettlebells, the upper body isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But Keith Weber shows us otherwise and ensures that his DVD is a true total body workout. The exercises include windmills, push presses, cleans, clean and presses, rowing, pushups, upright rowing, then finally the hot potato drill.

There are few things I enjoy more than getting in the sun and throwing some heavy weights around. One of my favorite ways is with high intensity kettlebell cardio. If your primary goal is muscle building, I recommend traditional weight lifting using compound movements, but kettlebells are excellent for active recovery, mobility, and full body strength and endurance.

This is a 4-DVD follow along type kettlebell workout. Actually, there are ten different workouts instead of 15 as it claims on the title. Granted, by combining the workouts, you can get dozens of combinations but still there are ten individual workouts in the box.

You need two relatively heavy kettlebells of the same size, and a bench, stool or plyometric boxes for the workouts. The workouts consist of 7 or 8 different exercises, each done for 5 or 10 reps each set. All sets are done in back to back fashion, with 1-3 minutes of rest between the circuits. You are supposed to do three circuits in a workout, taking some 30 minutes.

Disc 4 includes a kettlebell circuit workout of some 25 minutes and two cardio workouts, one of ten minutes and the other taking 20 minutes. You'll need one relatively light kettlebell for these workouts.

There is hardly any instruction on the exercises; therefore this DVD is not for beginners as you are supposed to know the exercises beforehand. (The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Lifting gives excellent instructions) In my opinion, the workouts are not extreme either, so this workout suits for everyone who has already mastered the moves. The exercises are not technically difficult (windmill being probably the most challenging move technically), so you should not be scared by the word "extreme" in the title. You can easily make the workout harder or easier by selecting a suitable weight.

Stand tall. Hold the kettlebell in both hands. Bend forward at the hips, bringing the kettlebell to your shins. Stand back up tall. Bend your elbows up and out and bring the kettlebell up to about chest height. Repeat. Make sure you keep your elbows above the kettlebell in the upright row.

Stand tall with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart. Bend forward, keeping your back straight, and bring the kettlebell in between your legs. Then swing the kettlebell up toward shoulder height as you stand back up.

Bent-Over Rows: Bend forward at the hips holding the kettlebell in both hands. Bend your elbows back alongside your body and pull the kettlebell toward you. Slowly lower and repeat.

Tricep Extensions: Stand tall. Extend your arms straight up while holding the kettlebell in both hands. Bend your elbow, bringing the kettlebell behind your head. Then extend your arms and repeat.

Any extreme kettlebell cardio workout begins with the basics. For anyone just getting started, here are five single kettlebell exercises that will build muscle and stregnth while increasing cardio, resistance, and balance.

Grab double kettlebells. Start with the weight on the floor and feet in squatting position on either side of it. Squat down


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