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Fallout New Vegas English Language Packl

Download ->->->->

However in some cases there are language restricted copies. Not common, but happens. Hate these language restrictions. Like players from different countries didn't enjoy to play in the original language (that is usually english) or a different one.

You gotta go into properties -> language and choose italian. Then you go into the data folder in your fnv steam folder and put the voices1.bsa file somewhere else. Go back to properties and set the language to english, after that put the voices1.bsa file from earlier into data folder and overwrite.Or download the voices1 file from here: =0B7PgQA0MiY-sNkVtVElfVVZZajg

The only way I know of to change languages in fallout 3 would be a language MOD. It is worth mentioning that I was able to pick up fallout 3 GOTY edition here in Australia for a dollar. It saved to my games for windows live account, not steam, but I can re-download the game from the GFWL client despite originally purchasing a disc copy.

Now, UK PAL usually is the Multi5 version, this means USUALLY this versions comes in the 5 mayor european languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, sometimes theres no German language and its Portuguese the one that comes. But never the less, english is always in.

So, if you want to play english language, order UK PAL and you got it. If you want Japan text, but english voice, that may be a problem. Since console system doesnt allow it, you play text in your console language (which you can change, I play on english when Im spanish myself) and voice is up to the fact that the game has been translate or not. 1e1e36bf2d


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