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Photographer V4.7.3 Addon For Blender Full Vers...

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The Photographer addon by Chafouin has a few handy features for the camera in Blender 2.8+. Even if you are not a photographer. For a none-photographer is that; white balance like color temperature and tint, resolution, and Autofocus. Photographers will enjoy the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings.

Normally we would adjust the white balance by playing with the curves in the color management settings. But the color temperature in the Photographer addon will ensure we use plausible colors or settings. Since I am not a photographer I can not tell much about the exposure settings. But the exposure settings look al very decent. There is even an indicator that shows what kind of environment the exposure settings are. Also, a warning will pop up in case the setting is not realistic.

The addon is available on Blender Market and on Gumroad. The installation of the photographer addon goes flawless. In other words, installation of the addon is like with other addons. Download the zip-file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Browser to the zip-file you just downloaded and press install. You will find the addon by selecting a camera and go to the camera settings.

On this page you will find details about the example scenes included with the FLIP Fluids addon. You may download the example scenes from the FLIP Fluids product downloads after purchasing the addon. Many scenes include full render setups and detailed notes. 781b155fdc


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