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CSI: Miami - Season 4


With a mole in their midst, Horatio and Calleigh head a team of elite Crime Scene Investigators as they enter their most challenging season yet. Under the roof of a state-of-the-art redesigned crime lab, the dynamic duo investigate a series of crimes including a night-club murder, the death of a pool boy, a cold case rape, and a murder with a double-jeopardy clause, all whilst under the scrutiny of an anonymous mole, and facing a series of cases that threaten the team. With Alexx accused of murdering a child molester, Horatio accused of murdering an innocent woman, Wolfe facing the loss of his eye, and Mac Taylor joining the team when a prisoner transfer goes awry, it's ultimately Delko who faces the greatest loss: his sister who was to marry Horatio is gunned down by the Mala Noche gang in an attack that will begin a narrative recurring throughout the next several seasons.

A SIG-Sauer non-gun is in lieu of an actual firearm many times throughout the season. In "From the Grave" (S4E01), Horatio Caine (David Caruso) shoots an attempted murderer with a SIG non gun. He holds one again in "Skeletons" (S4E15).

Kim Delaney's exit from the show, early in the first season, was due to a lack of on-screen chemistry between her and David Caruso. The show runners used a so-called "trap-door" plot line, in which her character's letter to Horatio implied that she had returned to work too soon after having witnessed her husband's murder, and was still grieving the loss, therefore was unable to handle the rigors of the job anymore as head of the crime lab and was passing the torch to Horatio.

In season eight, episode twenty, "Backfire", Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) and Walter Simmons (Omar Benson Miller) are shifting through debris from the fire, looking for the point of origin. The victim's ghost enters the room, and Walter asks if anyone else felt a breeze. Wolfe quips "you've been watching too many Rob Zombie movies." This was a nod to the musician, who directed season eight, episode sixteen, "L.A.".

Early in season one, it was revealed that Eric Delko's name is actually Eric Delektorsky, and he is of Russian and Cuban parental heritage. His family heritage, and family, became part of one of the long-term series story arcs.

Wes Ramsey, who played Dave Benton in CSI: Miami: Divorce Party (2009) (season 7, episode 17) for the rest of the series, had a previous role in CSI: Miami: Spring Break (2003) (season 1, episode 21), as Kip Miller, a sexual predator who stalked girls to abuse them.

The "Universal Channel" (U.K. and Ireland), for their early morning double bill showing in 2016, ran a slightly edited version of the series, to remove the more graphic visuals. Also, other revisions within each episode included some dialogue cut, or trimmed, and certain crime scene/autopsy table/computer screen visuals cropped and/or blurred. Entire episodes were also skipped over, most likely due to the relevant episode story themes and visual content unsuitable for broadcast at that time of day. However, when the CBS drama channel (U.K. and Ireland) started re-running the series in 2019, the series was seemingly unedited. Example - in season one, episode three, "Wet Foot/Dry Foot", on Universal, the torso shots were edited out/cropped out of frame, and blurred on the autopsy television screen, but CBS didn't, so in effect, there's alternate broadcast edits. Additionally, when CBS Justice channel ran season six, the 11 p.m. slot was uncut, and the 2 p.m. repeat of the same episode was the alternate (gore removed) "daytime" edit.

The fourth season of CSI: Miami promises to be dark for front man Horatio Caine, who will struggle coming to terms with a dark secret, according to Miami's newest producer Barry O'Brien. The character closed a chapter in his life last season with the awaited encounter with his brother Raymond, but the producers intend to send the character through another rollercoaster ride of emotions. The season premiere will see Horatio atten


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