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At Angel Scarf, our mission is to encourage inclusion, empower lives and educate the fashion industry. Read below to learn how we are making that happen!

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Our scarves are not only super stylish, comfortable, absorbent, machine-washable, and look great on mom, dad, grandma, baby and teens but they also provide support (through funds and/or equipment) for families with special needs. We celebrate EVERY sale, as every scarf sold allows us to spread love within the special needs community.


Since inclusion is one of our primary goals at Angel Scarf, we make sure each and every scarf provides a stylish solution for ALL angels, regardless of age, gender or ability.

Empowering Lives

We are committed to providing employment opportunities to people with special needs. Most of our scarves are mailed to people all over the US (workers with special needs that we lovingly refer to as members of our Angel Army) that work on sewing parts at home and ship back to us for final assembly.

We also work with local missions that provide bus transportation for people that want to work for Angel Scarf. The pricing of our scarves reflects our desire to create products handmade in the USA by workers paid a fair wage.

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Educating Fashion

At Angel Scarf, we strongly believe that all brands should work towards promoting inclusivity in ALL of their products.

Fashions should be designed with stylish options, not only for people that can easily find a place within the standard 'small' to 'large' sizing categories, but for ALL people. Our founder, Kaycie LaGrone, has spent many years working as a designer and feels that the best designs are ones that include everyone.

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