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What is the Mayan Calendar and How to Download it in Tamil PDF for Free

The Mayan calendar is a system of calendars and almanacs that was used by the ancient Maya civilization to keep track of time and plan events. The Maya calendar consists of several cycles of different lengths that are synchronized with each other. The most important cycles are the Long Count, the Tzolkin, and the Haab.

The Long Count is a linear count of days from a mythical starting point that corresponds to August 11, 3114 BCE in the Gregorian calendar. The Long Count has five units of time: k'in (day), winal (20 days), tun (360 days), k'atun (7,200 days), and b'ak'tun (144,000 days). The current cycle of the Long Count will end on December 21, 2012 CE, which is in Mayan notation.


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The Tzolkin is a 260-day sacred calendar that combines 20 day signs with 13 numbers. Each day has a unique combination of a day sign and a number, such as 1 Imix or 13 Ben. The Tzolkin cycle repeats every 260 days and is used to determine religious ceremonies and personal destiny.

The Haab is a 365-day solar calendar that consists of 18 months of 20 days each, plus an extra month of five days called Wayeb. The Haab cycle repeats every 365 days and is used to mark the seasons and agricultural activities. The Haab month names are Pop, Wo, Sip, Sotz', Sek, Xul, Yaxk'in, Mol, Ch'en, Yax, Sak', Keh, Mak, K'ank'in, Muwan, Pax, K'ayab, Kumk'u, and Wayeb.

If you want to learn more about the Mayan calendar and its significance for the Maya culture and history, you can download a PDF version of it in Tamil, your native language. There are some websites that offer free downloads of the Mayan calendar in Tamil PDF format, such as:

  • 2023 Tamil Calendar PDF â InstaPDF: This website provides a PDF file of the Tamil calendar for the year 2023, which also shows the corresponding dates of the Mayan calendar based on the Thiruganitha panchangam calculation.

  • Mayan History Tamil Pdf File.Pdf - eBook and Manual Free download: This website offers a list of ebooks and manuals about Mayan history and culture in Tamil, including some that explain the Mayan calendar system and its components.

  • Mayan Calendar Tamil Pdf Free Download - SoundCloud: This website allows you to listen to an audio file that narrates how to download the Mayan calendar in Tamil PDF for free from various sources.

To download the Mayan calendar in Tamil PDF for free, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose one of the websites mentioned above or search for another one that offers the Mayan calendar in Tamil PDF for free.

  • Click on the link or button that says "Download" or "Free Download" or something similar.

  • Follow the instructions on the website to complete the download process. You might need to enter your email address, create an account, or fill out a survey before you can access the PDF file.

  • Save the PDF file to your computer or device and open it with a PDF reader.

  • Enjoy learning about the Mayan calendar and its mysteries!



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